You’ve looked at businesses for sale on the web sites and from brokers only to find mainstreet, life-style, franchise or overpriced businesses; not the profitable lower mid-market businesses that would benefit from your experience, skills, leadership and financial resources.


Business owners are often gun-shy to list their business—with concerns about the process, the well-being of their employees or that customers and suppliers who might see a “For Sale” sign become concerned.


That's why we are different. Our buy-side acquisition solutions redefine the industry as we work exclusively for you.  Understanding your goals, we target businesses that are not listed for sale yet; this “hidden” market is where over 80% of the businesses that actually sell are located.


Our team of experts will assist you to develop and implement an effective acquisition strategy that generates a robust deal flow that provides you more opportunities to achieve your goals.  The process covers nine main areas:

1 Preparation

We help you define your acquisition criteria that best matches your managerial and financial capabilities and prepare you to impress the seller.

2 Locate

Our comprehensive search system uncovers businesses not “on the market (yet)” and enough of them so you have a real choice using our direct marketing, sources of referrals and working with the best brokers.

3 Screen

While it may seem simple, buyers often overlook a quick screening process that analyzes the key relevant information to make informed go-no go decisions: saving time, energy and money.

4 Analyze/Valuation

We know the questions to ask, and how to ask them. We evaluate the financial and non-financial risk factors and adjust financial reports to model potential returns that are critical to valuing a company.

5 Deal Structure

The three components are price, terms and conditions. Both the buyer and seller have their hot buttons and allowing both to walk away happy creates a deal that stays together.

6 Negotiation

We wear the “black-hat” to buffer you when difficult discussions arise so you maintain a strong relationship with the seller.  We are also there to keep the deal moving forward and to revive it when/if it dies.

7 Due Diligence

This is a time for confirmation, not discovery. A deep analysis of all aspects of the company ensures that there are no “skeletons in the closet” or no errors of omission. 

8 Financing

Our close relationships with funding sources and expertise in packaging a deal allows for a time saving process and ensures that you get the best rates and terms from the banks as well as a well structured seller note.

9 Contract Closing

We review and guide your advisors and legal counsel to incorporate the previously negotiated price, terms and conditions into the closing documents, eliminating time consuming and costly negotiations which keeps the process on time and within budget.

We go to the target businesses with you – a qualified, capable and interested party; and often, the door is opened for discussions using our multistep process (CAP) that has proven to be efficient, timely and confidential for both you and the seller, often where you are the only buyer that they talk to.


The bottom line is our clients meet more motivated sellers, find them faster and get a better deal with us on their team versus going it alone.


Crossroad Transactions ... The Business Acquisition Specialists





No matter where you are in your journey, we are here to help.  Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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