Dedicated Search. Before you can buy a business, you first have to find one worth buying! Only 20% of the profitable businesses that sell are listed with a broker or on the Internet. Our search process goes to this “Hidden” market (those 80% that are quietly for sale or not "yet" for sale) to find profitable businesses that have competitive advantages that make them attractive to our clients.


Commitment. It’s typical for our client to say, “You work harder to help me than I would for myself.”


Credibility. If the owner doesn’t know who we are, it’s easy to check us out before he tells us he might be willing to sell his company.


First on the scene. Because we are in constant contact with owners, we are first on the scene when they decide to sell. This puts you ahead of buyer competition and gets you the right of first refusal.


Experience. An owner expects to hear certain things in a certain way. If he doesn’t hear what he expects, he becomes suspicious or loses patience. We know what to say and when to say it.


Fewer mistakes. We think you will agree that you’ll probably make more mistakes working alone than you will when we work together as a team.


Time & Resources. We have the time to work for you. It’s our job. We’re efficient, because we have a databank of owners and sources of referral. We work from proven communication scripts. We know when to make contact and what to say.



Warriors in battle. No matter how much you know, no matter how prepared you are, no matter how aggressive you can be, when you go onto the buyer/seller battlefield you compete against people who fight every day. What do you think goes through a seller’s mind when we show up with a trained buyer the day he is talking to a lone-wolf buyer, someone who has not purchased several businesses?


We can spot a fake. It’s surprising how many owners pretend to be for sale, so they can test the market for their business, learn about its value and glean free management advice from hopeful buyers, often wasting a lot of time and effort if not spotted quickly.


More owners know us than you realize. Given a choice, most people prefer to do business with people they know. We add to your legitimacy.


Advocate for the deal. Buyers and sellers come and go. A good deal lasts. It’s beneficial to everyone. We are an advocate for a win-win deal, so the seller is paid the full price when he finances the buyer, and the buyer gets a good return on investment. We also keep in mind that today’s seller might become tomorrow’s buyer, and a buyer someday will be a seller. We want to be of service for any future need.



We will be around tomorrow. The seller knows we survive on our reputation. He knows we will be around long after you (if you don’t buy his business). The way he treats you and us determines whether we will introduce him to another buyer if you decide to “pass” on his business.


Sellers don’t like paying a business broker. Without you and us, the seller may have to resort to paying a broker 8-10% or more of the value of his business to market it. We’ve never met an owner who wouldn’t like more money in his pocket.


We motivate. An owner needs continuous motivation to sell. Like you, he is busy. He has to add the task of selling his business to everything else he does. An owner also needs to know a fair offer when he sees one. We help him understand the risk he incurs if he delays his sale or decides to “shop” his company among multiple buyers. A seller believes us when we say we know how to minimize his effort to sell, because we represent a buyer who is qualified and intends to make a fair offer.


Confidentiality. Owners don’t like advertising that their business is for sale because of the effect it could have on suppliers, customers, employees, competitors and others. Our clients are qualified, prepared and will be the best buyer that the owner will see, eliminating the need to “shop” it around the public markets.


We don’t take advantage. Owners need to know they won’t be taken advantage of. Confidentiality is vital to them. We can prove that we have a history of fair dealing. Our reputation transfers over to you.


We court the owner. Few owners blurt out that they’re open to the idea of selling their business. Even if they want to sell, they fear “being for sale.” Trust and rapport precedes disclosure.


Answers. As buy/sell experts, we can answer the seller’s questions. This is important because we can preempt him from seeking the advice from advisors who might have been useful to him in operating his business but who do not know enough about how to sell it.


Impartiality. A seller will suspect everything a buyer says to be primarily beneficial to the buyer, probably at the seller’s expense. When we say something is “normal” that our buyer wants or proposes, the seller gives us the benefit of the doubt and then seeks confirmation from his  advisors before judging the merit of the request or offer.


Reality. We bring reality to the seller. If his advisors are not competent, we suggest replacements. If his asking terms are out of line, we explain why. If he stalls, we show him the cost of delay. If our buyer can’t make his case to a seller, we do it for our client.




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